Bee Block Bonanza!

It’s been quite the month (or two) around here. After a bunch of crazy changes at my workplace, I ended up in a new job. It’s a great job, and I have some increased responsibilities, but it’s also left me exhausted pretty much every night. Add that to some other random things that have been going on, and I haven’t had much time for sewing!

Fortunately, I scheduled this week off before I started the new job, so I’ve had the last several days to catch up on everything–including sleep. Here are my latest bee blocks, which hit the post office this morning:


Bee Sew Modern, August 2013. This is “That Block” in a riotous color scheme. It’s simple string piecing on a white fabric foundation, and was a breeze to put together.


Mo-Stash, August 2013. This month’s Queen Bee is making a nature-inspired paper-pieced quilt for her mother-in-law. I was going to make a snarky comment about making things for one’s mother-in-law, but then I remembered that I am working on a quilt for my mother-in-law. The block design is available for free from Craftsy, and I enlarged it from 6″ to 10″. The Craftsy version of the pattern includes a handy re-sizing chart.


NewBees, August 2013. Megan asked for paper-pieced arrows. The arrowhead is a simple paper-pieced unit, and I used a slash-and-sew technique for the shaft.


Bee Sew Modern, August 2013. Jacqueline wanted a Mod Mosaic block. This was a lot more free-form and improv-y than I usually like, but I think it turned out well. It is smaller than she wanted, but I didn’t want to slap another unit on as an afterthought. I figured that someone’s block will almost certainly be oversized, and that will make up for my slightly-too-small block.


Scrap-Bee-Licious, August 2013. Ashley is making a Converging Corners quilt with a white center and a riot of brightly-colored corners. Some of my favorite fabrics make appearances in this block–I love those navy Oval Elements, there’s a strip of hot pink Washi, and I love those purple Patty Young flowers from Heaven and Helsinki even more every time I see them.


Do Good Stitches Dream Circle, August 2013. Ah, sweet simplicity! This is just a bright, fun square-in-a-square. These things are a breeze to put together, and I love the bright colors.

I even got a jump on my September blocks:


Bee Sew Modern, September 2013: This Lone Star Hexagon was designed by Alia from Card Table, Inc. It’s actually hexagonal, but the sides got lost on the white background I used for my photos! This is one of those blocks that looks super-difficult, but strip piecing makes it easy. Alia posted a tutorial on her blog so you can make your own–give it a try!


Scrap-Bee-Licious, September 2013. Gwendellyn asked for Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks with themes! I hadn’t made this block before, and now I understand why people have been so addicted to this pattern. It’s a lot of fun. The top one is all Anna Maria Horner LouLouThi fabrics, and the bottom is all polka dots. (I have been really into the polka dots lately.)


Do Good Stitches, September 2013. One of the things I (continue to) love about bees is that they force me to make things I wouldn’t otherwise make. This block is a good example. Polaroid blocks are cute, but they’re not necessarily my style–and boy-themed Polaroid blocks? No way! I have very few children’s novelty prints in my stash, and even fewer that are “boy” prints. Fortunately, I had a mini charm pack of Jenn Ski’s Oink a Doodle Moo line for Moda, so I grabbed nine of those and got to sewing. Isn’t that pig adorable? I used the Polaroid Block tutorial from Capitola Quilter to make these, and they were a breeze.


NewBees, September 2013. These blocks were part of a block-of-the-month series sponsored by the Empire State Quilt Guild of NYC. They’re a simple slash-and sew block. Some of my “sticks” are a little off, and I decided to leave the blocks untrimmed so the Queen Bee could size them as she saw fit (or cut off my little mistakes).

I’m done playing catch-up with my bee blocks for now–only three left and September’s finished! As much as I love my bees, I am trying to cut back to only two or three. I went a little crazy and joined a bunch of stuff, and I don’t have as much time as I would like to sew for myself!

In my next post, I’ll catch you up on my block-of-the-months (heads up: there could be a finished quilt top or two in there!) and I’ll give you a sneak peek at two gift quilts I’m working on.

What have you been sewing?

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4 comments on “Bee Block Bonanza!

  1. What a crop of bee blocks! I think I’m doing a lot of bee blocks between my guild’s block lottery, the Scrapbeelicious bee, and do. good. You win!! I am for sure going to check out that daffodil pattern.

  2. Goodness, so many bees!! I’m only a member of our Scrap-bee-licious, but there’s one or two others I’m considering joining. It’s fun making lots of blocks for others!

    Also, eeeeeeeeeeeee, my blocks!! I was sooo excited when I first saw them! It’s funny you chose AMH for one of them; she’s not really a fave of mine, but my husband happens to love her designs! He noticed that one and got really excited haha :) I personally love the polka dots though, I don’t have too many so they’re a great addition to the quilt! ♥♥ Thank you for making such lovely blocks!

  3. Holy cow, you have been busy! These are so much fun. I actually hadn’t seen a polaroid block before and I kind of love it! Those polka dots are my favorite, though. Nicely done!

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