QuiltCon Link Party: Five Things About Nanette

Here I am with my daughter, Lenora. (And her Pink Kitty, and her Bear, which is squished under my neck.)

In preparation for QuiltCon (I can’t wait!), here are five things you may not know about me:

  1. I write the crafts and fiber crafts review column for Library Journal, a magazine that helps librarians select the best books for their library’s collection. I’ve had this job since 2008, and I have a pretty amazing personal collection of quilting, knitting, and sewing books as a result. I also write fiction reviews for a couple of different publications, and I read upwards of 100 books per year.
  2. I am a crazy cat lady who has four cats. They are all female and they are all rescue cats, including two strays that my husband and I picked up off the street.
  3. I have (at least) twelve pairs of eyeglasses. I have not counted them lately. My prescription hasn’t changed in about ten years, so they are all wearable.
  4. I have been writing online since 1997, but thankfully, most of the really old stuff is gone.
  5. I asked my husband for one, and this is what he came up with (while giving me a look that said “duh, of course this”): I was a three-time Jeopardy champion. The shows aired in early 2002, and the money I made helped me pay for grad school. I wish I had waited to audition, because I know ten times more useless stuff than I did eleven years ago. That is what being a reference librarian will do for you.

I’m linking up to the QuiltCon Link Party, and looking forward to getting to know more of my fellow attendees, both virtually and in-person!

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